What Is Grass Cloth Wallpaper?


Grass cloth wallpaper is one of the most beautiful, natural-looking, decorating materials. It provides texture and elegance suitable for a wide range of styles, from classic to modern.

But before you invest in grass cloth wallpaper, it’s important to know what it’s made of, how and where to hang it and how to care for it.

Natural, Eco-Friendly Construction

For the most part, grass cloth wallpaper is made of natural materials like hemp, arrowroot, jute, reed or sea grass. Thin cotton thread is knit together with the material of choice, then it’s adhered to a backing typically made of delicate rice paper.

The patterns come in either vertical or horizontal configurations, or a mix of both. It comes in different weaves, some finer than others. The finer weaves make the product look smooth and modern, while the thicker weaves give it a rustic feel.

This wallpaper product fell out of favor for a while, but it’s recently come back into the spotlight because it’s natural and eco-friendly.

It’s Different Than Normal Wallpaper

metallic-grassclothGrass cloth wallpaper doesn’t come pre-pasted. Make sure you choose a paste or adhesive that’s nonstaining so it won’t seep into the material. Since it’s heavier than most other types of wallpaper, you will need a friend to help you position it correctly on the wall.

You can’t match this type of wall covering the way you can others. Each piece is unique, and the colors are slightly different. For fans of this product, this characteristic only adds to its charm.

Also, keep in mind that grass cloth rolls are typically wider than standard wallpaper rolls. A standard double roll is usually 36 inches wide and 24 feet long, whereas standard double rolls of other products are 27 or 21 inches wide.

Where to Hang It

This product isn’t right for every area of your home. Make sure you pick and choose the locations before you hang. It doesn’t hold up well in moist, humid environments, so it’s not the best plan to hang it in the bathroom or kitchen. Also, it’s a delicate product that can’t withstand bumps and knocks, so avoid placing it in the entryway or a child’s playroom.

If you’re set on having the look of grass cloth in these areas, take a look at the many synthetic products that mimic its appearance — they’re economical, durable alternatives. On the other hand, this material is a beautiful addition to a bedroom or office because of its soft textures.

Care and Maintenance

You will not be able to clean this product with water or other liquids because cleaning may damage or stain it. The proper way to remove dust and dirt is to vacuum it.

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