Wallpaper Needs and Themes for Hotels, Part 2

wallpaper needs themes hotels

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on hotels and wallpaper. Often called wallcoverings within a hotel setting, generally to separate it from traditional residential needs, these products are vital to establishing the aesthetic and guest experience in many hotels.

At Wallpaper Warehouse, we’re happy to provide not only a wide variety of discounted residential wallpaper, but also a huge array of commercial wallpaper options as well. We’ve helped numerous hotel owners and managers improve their aesthetic with quality wallpaper products and services, and we’ll do the same for you if you’re on the hunt for an upgrade here. Today’s part two of our series will go over a few of the additional benefits of wallpaper in a hotel setting, particularly as it compares to painting walls as an alternative.

Cleaning Ease

Perhaps the single biggest reason why most hotels choose wallcoverings rather than painting their walls is the ease of cleaning that comes with the former. Hotel wallpaper, unlike painted surfaces, is generally washable with ease – and this will be a highly common event in a hotel space.

Think about wallcoverings in some of the most high-traffic areas of a hotel, such as the lobby or main hallways. Hundreds of people will pass through these areas each day, meaning it’s a certainty that finger smudges, scruff marks and other minor aesthetic issues will pop up. Do you want these to be easily cleaned by staff? Go with wallcoverings, because paint requires far more costly and common maintenance intervals. Wallpaper, on the other hand, comes with several spot removal techniques that make cleaning easy, even for large hotel spaces.

Maintenance and Removal

Down related lines, wallcoverings are ideal products for hotel owners and managers when it comes to their maintenance and eventual removal. Quality wallpaper will stick properly onto walls for years, but will also easily be removed or changed out to accommodate changing aesthetics or higher-traffic areas that have worn down faster. Once again, there’s really no comparison here when talking about replacing wallcoverings versus a new paint job.

Building Asset

Finally, hotel owners will naturally be keeping property and building value high in mind, and wallcoverings show great benefits here as well. Not only does wallpaper offer great aesthetics, it also offers value in insulation and limited maintenance, which can lower operation costs and improve your bottom line. This is on top of the long-term ROI that comes with a wallpaper installation, which will last for years without major upkeep needs.

For more on hotels and wallpaper options within them, or to learn about any of our contemporary wallpaper products, speak to the staff at Wallpaper Warehouse today.

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