Wallpaper-Friendly Holiday Decoration Ideas

wallpaper holiday decoration

The holidays are fast approaching, and for homeowners everywhere, that means its decoration season. However you celebrate the holiday season, fun home decorations on the walls, floors and various other areas really help bring in the joy of this time of year.

At Wallpaper Warehouse, we can help if you’re looking to decorate for the holidays without impacting your new custom wallpaper. Whichever wallpaper style you’re working with, you want to avoid the possibility of peeling, ripping or any other trouble as you decorate. Here are some basic pieces of advice we can offer here, plus some creative ways to decorate without impacting wallpaper at all.

Avoid Tape and Nails

The first bit of wisdom we can impart here is to avoid using tape and nails on your wallpaper wherever possible. One of the simplest ways to damage new wallpaper is through these kinds of adhesives, which lead to peeling or holes in the wall on the back end when you have to take decorations down. Unless you’re thinking about a remodeling or redecorating project for the new year that will render those visual issues meaningless, we recommend avoiding these kinds of decorations if you can. Our next few sections will explore alternatives.

Repurposing Previous Hanging Designs

Does your home already have several areas where photos or pictures hang during the normal year? If you’re looking to design for the holidays without impacting your wallpaper, you can simply repurpose these already-present items and use them for your new purposes.

This can be done in a variety of ways, but the main theme is this: You use whatever hanging device is already present behind your pictures or paintings to hold up a wreath, garland, tinsel or whatever other design you’re thinking of. When the holidays are done, you simply replace these with their original pictures or paintings and the room looks like new.

Thread and Ribbon

If you don’t have many areas you can repurpose, consider using thread and ribbon as hanging tools rather than nails or tape. Tie thread or ribbon around decorations, then look for creative ways to attach them to various elements of the home. You can hang a lovely decoration from the fireplace mantel, for instance, or from light fittings or cupboard doors. If you really want to minimize the appearance of your hanging devices, consider twine or clear fishing line.

Natural Alternatives

Finally, an earthy alternative involves using sticks, branches and other parts of nature to hang your decorations. This is a particularly attractive idea if you have a home with wood furniture or flooring, which is already nature-themed to begin with. You can achieve a homely, natural feel this way.

For more on how to decorate for the holidays without damaging your wallpaper, or to learn about any of our custom or discount wallpaper options, speak to the pros at Wallpaper Warehouse today.

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