Vintage Wallpaper Patterns and Design Ideas

Vintage Wallpaper

Everything old is new again — vintage wallpaper included!

Nearly every era, from Colonial times to the 1970s, has design aspects that can be celebrated today, especially with wallpaper. You can recreate your favorite era in your home by choosing replica wallcoverings or inspired patterns that capture the spirit of the past. Following are a few ideas to make the old new again in your space.

Colonial Style 

Whether you admire toile or rustic primitives, the Colonial-era style can be incorporated into any modern design. Reproduced designs from this era are simple and stylish, with a muted sophistication that is easy to add to any room of your home or office. The colors can be bold or neutral. With this vintage wallpaper, you decide how bold you want to go.

Victorian Era Inspiration 

Add a touch of Gothic to your home with a Victorian-inspired wall covering. The florals of this era are unmatched in their intricate beauty and design. You can go monochromatic or you can incorporate a classic, wreathed design into your room. This style is perfect for formal dining and living areas, entry foyers and hallways, but it can lend a stylish feel to a powder room or guest bath as well.

The Midcentury Modern 1950s 

Treat your walls to a makeover to get that retro-modern ’50s feel. This era offers abstract patterns, Sputnik-inspired starbursts and Tiki-themed designs that will make a bold statement as it becomes the main feature of your room. Used as an accent wall, these designs become unique conversation starters. When using designs from this era, remember that you should tone down the furniture and accessories so that the room doesn’t appear cluttered or too busy.

The Swinging ’60s 

Vintage wallpapers offer a flexibility that you just can’t find in any other design element. What is unique about the ’60s style is that it borrowed design inspiration from Victorian, Edwardian, art nouveau and even art deco styles. It comes in bold reds, purples and oranges in unique patterns like swirls or paisleys that can transform any room into a retro retreat. You can go bold with retro floral wallpaper from this era, but use it on just one wall to create visual interest without overwhelming the room, or in a small space for the perfect kitschy style.

The Golden Rule of Vintage Wallpaper

No matter what era you choose, remember that the key is balance. If you go bold, make sure the other design elements in the room are simple and fresh. If you don’t want to wallpaper a whole room, or even a whole wall, then add a pop of color and personality by creating instant art with a small piece of wallpaper in a frame, inside a bookcase or covering a piece of furniture.

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