Using Wallpaper in the Office

Office Wallpaper

Many business owners are using wallpaper in their offices to create an attractive, professional environment. Wall coverings, paint and artwork can set the tone for increased productivity and employee engagement. Research shows that different colors and patterns can either encourage creativity and concentration or detract from these desirable states. Here are some valuable tips for transforming your office into a comfortable space where employees and clients will enjoy spending time.

How Environment Shapes Your Approach to Work

If you’ve ever had a job that made you dread going to work each day, a job in which spending time there made you feel like you might explode, the physical environment likely contributed to that sense of dread. Bad lighting, dingy walls and an absence of visual interest can drastically cut productivity and undermine employee engagement. Even worse, truly unpleasant physical surroundings increase absenteeism and employee turnover. The good news is that you can quickly and easily transform your business into a place where your staff is happy to spend their days.

Choosing a Pattern for Motivation, Concentration and Creativity

New research demonstrates how visual stimuli and pattern influence employee mindset and performance. For example, high ceilings and bright, open spaces allow creative people (designers, architects, writers) to be more innovative. Accountants, analysts and other detail-oriented workers can concentrate longer and make fewer errors in an environment with low ceilings and smaller rooms. Geometric-patterned wallpaper brings a sense of order and efficiency, appropriate for a law or engineering firm. Freeform or random patterns, particularly those that draw the eye in various directions, allow the mind to roam in ways that inspire creativity, perfect for graphic artists or fashion designers.

How Color Influences Workplace Mindset

Although you may not be consciously aware of it, color influences mindset as much as pattern does. Green and blue tones are highly effective for creating a positive atmosphere in the office. Green reduces eye strain, making it ideal for staff members who use a computer all day. Blue engenders feelings of calm, reduces stress and promotes awareness and creativity. Purples, particularly dark or saturated hues, can cause a sense of confusion and should generally be avoided in a business setting, although dusky or pale lavender is less distracting. Avoid yellow and red tones in most cases, as these colors can cause anxiety and anger and increase workplace conflict.

Wallpaper is a simple, inexpensive way to customize every area of your office, adding style and making your staff more comfortable and productive. Wallpaper Warehouse offers hundreds of choices in the colors and patterns that will making using wallpaper in the office easy and affordable.

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