Use Designer Wallpaper in Small Doses for a Big “Wow Factor”

Accent Wall Wallpaper

Splashy designer wallpaper patterns sometimes can feel a bit overwhelming, much like designer fashions on the runway.

When you see an interior design showcase or a home-decorating TV show, you aren’t necessarily seeing reality as most of us know it. So while you might see Tim Clarke or Candice Olson use big, bold wallcoverings in their designs, these over-the-top applications may be more extreme than practical for most of our customers.

That doesn’t mean you have to give up on the idea of adding designer wallpaper to your home. Instead, why not try adding some of your favorite wallcoverings in small doses?

Create a Designer Wallpaper Accent Wall

Most designer wallpaper devotees will tell you they started slowly at first too. A single accent wall is one of the easiest ways to test the wallcovering waters in your home.

The master bedroom is an ideal starting point. An accent wall behind the bed creates a dramatic effect that you aren’t forced to stare at when struck by insomnia. If you aren’t ready to be that bold, consider trying it in a guest room or in one of your children’s bedrooms.

You also can create a focal point by adding designer wallpaper to your fireplace wall, the back wall of your stairway or in a hallway or entry foyer. Or try using wallcovering on the upper or lower half of a dining room wall, styled like wainscot with a center chair rail.

Any of these projects can be completed in a single day with less hassle and cost than paint.

Use Wallcoverings as Works of Art

Interior designers love to repurpose small paper remnants to create works of art. You can borrow some of these techniques for yourself as a way to ease into the world of wallpaper.

If you have a large picture frame or collection of frames, mount one of your favorite designer wallpaper patterns to fit the frame, then hang it as art.

Or apply the paper directly to the wall, then miter-cut pieces of beautifully sculpted wood trim or molding, paint them to match, and glue or nail them around the paper as a frame.

Another popular application involves adding wallpaper to the inside back wall of a bookcase, either free-standing or built in. This technique also can work with a china hutch, armoire or entertainment center.

You can check out some fun examples — and gather even more designer wallpaper inspiration — on Shauna Oberg’s post for Satori Design for Living.

Try Designer Wallpaper Patterns in a Small Space

You can have lots of fun using designer wallcoverings in small spaces without breaking the bank or overwhelming your sensibilities of home décor.

Professional designers love to use big, bold, bright and fun designs in a small powder room. Despite what you might believe, this can make the space feel larger rather than smaller when colors, lighting and accessories are right.

But if you prefer a more conservative approach, shoot for understated patterns that create an elegant statement without overwhelming you every time you enter the room.

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