The Psychology of Green: Why Green Wallpaper Works


Green wallpaper is a good choice both for your design style — and for your psychological health.

Despite what you may have heard, it is easy being green — it improves feelings of tranquility and promotes harmony and balance. It’s a calming color that has naturally earned its rightful place on your walls.

Embrace your love of this lively color and find the right green wallpaper pattern to complete your home design.

Use Color Psychology to Assemble Palette

Color psychology is the study of how color affects the brain. Experiencing different colors is a central part of the overall human experience, and different colors generate different psychological and emotional reactions.

Color is thought of as a universal nonverbal language, much like music. When you add color to your walls, you’re not just influencing your home’s interior style, you’re changing the mood of the space.

Depending on what you want to accomplish within the room in question, you can use color as a tool to create the right atmosphere.

What’s the Big Deal About Green?

rosier-botanicalEvery color has a purpose. Red is stimulating — it gets the heart pumping and prompts an adrenaline rush. It’s also appetite-inducing, so many design experts recommend leaving red out of the kitchen, but saving it for your workout room.

Yellow is inviting and joyful. It makes a room feel happy, but many design experts recommend avoiding it as a main color for a room. Too much yellow can be overstimulating. Some studies show babies cry more and people lose their temper more in rooms that are too yellow.

What about green? Green is known for its relaxing properties. Many say it’s the color that’s the easiest to be surrounded by for long periods of time. It restores energy. It symbolizes growth and rebirth. It brings together all the qualities you want your home to have: warmth, comfort and peace.

Don’t Base Your Design on Wall Color

After considering the positive psychological effects of green wallpaper, you may be itching to rush and make a purchase. Even though you know your color preference, think carefully before making major color changes to any room in your home.

It’s not ideal to make whole-room design decisions based on what wall color you want. You have to consider many other factors: your furniture, your textiles, the room’s size and architectural style, and the natural light infiltration. Design the room as a whole — don’t design based on wall color alone.


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