The Interdependence of Wallpaper Color and Pattern

Wallpaper Colored Pattern

For several decades, the subject of wallpaper patterns has been somewhat taboo. After the pattern-rich design choices of the 1950s and 60s, many people still associate wallcoverings with the obnoxious cabbage rose print chosen for Aunt Ethel’s formal dining room. Fortunately, that overarching fear of patterns has begun to fade, as professional decorators demonstrate that patterns can enhance and improve a room, rather than dominate it. The interplay between color and pattern can be complex to grasp, but here are some professional tips to help you select the best wallpaper for your space.

Theme and Interconnection Are Key

If you spend a little time in a space that an interior design professional has put together, you begin to notice that the selections, although they may appear initially to be random, are carefully conceived to work together in harmony and balance. Colors are thoughtfully chosen from within a pattern. Great care is taken not to allow one aspect to overwhelm the other, and they must be balanced to maintain visual interest. Scale, tone, shape, texture and intensity don’t have to match (that makes for a dull room), but any one of those aspects can’t overwhelm another. Likewise, building the room’s décor in layers will guarantee that a space that feels comfortable and welcoming, even if its occupants don’t exactly understand why. Finally, don’t ignore contrast. It’s the proverbial rug that ties the room together.

Starting with a Pattern

If you find a wallcovering pattern that you can’t live without, start your design there. If you are brave enough to begin with a bold pattern, you must follow suit with your predominant colors, or balance will elude you. If the pattern is understated and demure, so too must be your colors. Even if your mild little pattern has splashes of bold color in it, you cannot use those hues as your dominant or base colors. Instead, hold out and use those shades in your contrast and accent pieces. Do consider the furnishings that will go in the space before finalizing your scheme. If furnishings are simple and streamlined, you’re safe with bold patterns. If they’re ornate and fussy, however, you won’t be happy with a bold pattern choice for your wallcoverings.

Starting with a Color

Of course, the same principles apply if you have your heart set on a particular color as your starting point. In that case, let your pattern play the supporting role in the décor. Use a patterned wallpaper on a single accent wall or to highlight a unique architectural feature. Consider the implication of warm tones versus cool, and what that will mean for the room’s use. Don’t forget to consider scale, especially if you plan to add other patterns in the form of upholstery, window coverings or throw pillows. Try to avoid using two patterns of the same scale, otherwise the space will appear to be cluttered.

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