Special Considerations for Installing Bathroom Wallpaper

Bathroom Wallpaper

Wallcoverings work in most any room, but bathroom wallpaper is especially fashionable today. You can create dramatic and stylish décor in baths and powder rooms, but you must use a little extra care and consideration to make sure your project is successful. Bathrooms are notoriously moist environments, so your choice of wallcovering materials and application methods are important for longevity and appearance. Below you will find all you ever wanted to know about selecting and installing bathroom wallpaper!

Consider the Room’s Daily Use

When it comes to bathrooms, water and steam are critical factors. Unless the room is truly used only for guests, moisture and humidity present daily challenges. Before deciding on a specific wallpaper, consider the room’s level of ventilation, size, frequency of usage and your lifestyle. For example, does the bathroom have a bathtub and a shower, or is it truly a powder room or half bath where there won’t be as much moisture?

If the bath is primarily used by children, it’s safe to assume that the wear factor will be much higher than that of an adult bath. For those spaces that see heavy use, consider adding a wallpaper accent to the one or two walls farthest from the shower or tub. This will add visual interest to the space while minimizing the chance of peeling or mold growth. If it’s a powder room or half bath, you need only consider the durability and ease of cleaning for the paper you choose, since moisture isn’t as much of a factor.

Which Kind of Wallcovering is Best for Bathrooms?

You can choose from many different types of bath-appropriate wallcoverings. A solid vinyl option is often the best choice for bathrooms or kitchens that endure higher exposure to water and stains. Vinyl has a non-absorbent surface, making it the perfect choice for spaces with high humidity. Vinyl is also the most durable wallpaper. It’s easy to wash and it can last for years. Most wallcoverings are coded with symbols indicating how water-resistant and washable they are. For a successful application, ask your wallpaper supplier to recommend wall prep and adhesive products that are best suited to moisture-prone spaces.

Have Fun with Design and Decor

Bathrooms are perfect spaces to play around with color and design, and to have a little fun. You aren’t forced to match surrounding areas, leaving you free to create a unique theme or try a new color palette. Select a design that will allow you to create a new look simply by switching out towels and accessories. And, because wallpaper is less expensive than painting and easier and faster to complete, you can transform your space in a weekend.

If you’re considering adding wallcoverings in your home, contact the experts at Wallpaper Warehouse today. They can answer all of your questions and get you on the path to picture-perfect, long-lasting bathroom wallpaper.

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