Should You Mix Wallpaper Patterns?


With so many wallpaper patterns available, it’s hard to choose. But who says you have to?

You can mix wallpaper patterns. Try combining different designs into one grand finished room, but take professional design standards into account so you don’t regret your decision later.

Go for Bright Colors, But Limit the Palette

There are no limits when it comes to wallpaper patterns and bright colors. You can choose products that feature the flashiest red or the most vivid green. The color scheme of your room design is up to you, but the palette is another story.

Make sure you stay within a color palette that makes sense if you plan on adding multiple patterns to the mix. Your wallpaper choices can have many colors, but make sure their dominant colors match. This will cut down on the confusion and help the eye take in the room. Color flow is essential when you have multiple patterns to process.

Same Pattern, Different Color

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a drastic change in color, you could take the opposite stance. Keep the patterns the same, but hang two different colors of the same product. You could also use more colors, as long as they complement each other and stay within the larger color palette of the entire room. The pattern itself can be the common denominator that ties it all together.

Vary the Scale

When you’re looking for two complementary wallpaper patterns, think about scale. If you hang a larger pattern on one wall, hanging a small-scale pattern on an adjacent wall can provide a definitive contrast, but also an even balance.

Find a Feature Piece

Another way to make a design work with two wallpaper patterns is to add another design element to the room, like a large piece of furniture, that distracts from the background and turns the eye away from where the two patterns intersect.

Find an accent piece that stands out from your wallpaper design without clashing — that could be the link the room needs.

Use a Definitive Line

If you are designing a room with a dado rail, you could use one type of wallpaper on the upper part of the wall and a different pattern beneath the molding. For example, hang wallpaper with vertical stripes on the lower half, then get creative with an abstract design on top.

It’s Time to Get Ideas

Whatever you decide, Wallpaper Warehouse has wallpaper patterns that will design and inspire you … and potentially make your choice that much more difficult! But having options is never a bad thing, is it? Browse our online store and take advantage of our low prices today.

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