Selecting Perfect Home Office Wallpaper Designs, Part 2

selecting home office wallpaper

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics when it comes to selecting the primary color or colors for your new home office’s wallpaper design. Wallpaper is one of the primary elements that sets the mood and ambiance in any room, and this theme is often particularly important in a home office where work will be done on a regular basis.

At Wallpaper Warehouse, we’re proud to offer a variety of contemporary wallpaper in a variety of styles, with a perfect choice for any room or home office in your home. In today’s part two, we’ll shift gears and look at things from the opposite perspective: If you desire a certain mood or general aesthetic in your office, what are the colors and styles of wallpaper that will match these needs? Here are some of the more common office themes and the wallpaper you can use to make them into reality.

Traditional Offices

For those going for a traditional office space, one with the standard desk, chair and computer plus a few other basic amenities for daily work, it’s often best to stick with darker, more masculine hues, including for wallpaper. These shades bring about analytical aesthetics, helping individuals stay focused and attuned to the responsibilities at hand.

In addition to darker shades, many prefer home office wallpaper designs that feature vertical geometric patterns to help make the room feel a bit larger. The colors keep the space feeling serious while the patterns help with feelings of spaciousness and comfort.

Inspirational Sanctuaries

For many others, what’s desired is a unique home office space that’s fun, inspirational and even serves as its own form of personal sanctuary for creativity. Your options are wide-ranging here, but a general theme many stick to is lighter color shades with lots of natural light contacting the wallpaper. This simple element, along with accents of some of your favorite lighter colors and simple patterning, make this space a creative outlet.

Multi-Purpose Spaces

In many situations, home offices will serve multiple purposes in addition to work or research. Here are a few such purposes and some potential wallpaper ideas:

  • Office and lounge combo: Many want to be able to both work and relax in this space depending on the time of day. A great option here is sticking with the light theme, but going for a rich, high-texture design featuring nature elements or other similarly peaceful themes.
  • Windowless room: Many bring lighter, nature-inspired wallpaper themes here as well, to simulate the outdoors.
  • Attic-office conversion: If you’re looking to convert an attic or another sparingly-used room into an office, your wallpaper selection will depend almost entirely on your own preferences. If the space is smaller, use geometrical patterns to increase the size perception.

Smaller Areas

As we just noted above, those designing smaller office spaces might consider geometric wallpaper designs. They should also look into patterns that cross over or otherwise intertwine, a theme that increases the size our brains perceive in a given room.

For more on designing a home office wallpaper layout, or to learn about any of our discounted wallpaper options, speak to the staff at Wallpaper Warehouse today.

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