Readiness for an Error-Free Wallpaper Installation

readiness error-free wallpaper installation

Like any other major home project, wallpapering a given wall or room takes some planning and diligent effort. Certain wallpaper installations might seem a bit finicky compared to other home improvement jobs, but the right bits of planning will help you avoid any pitfalls or major errors during the process.

At Wallpaper Warehouse, we can provide you with every style and wallpaper color you might need for any project. Let’s go over some of the basic areas we recommend paying some attention to before installing our discount wallpaper to ensure you don’t create any problems.

Preparation Areas

For starters, you want to prepare both your walls and surrounding areas for the wallpapering process. Some basics to consider here:

  • Remove old wallpaper using either a wallpaper steamer, a stripping solution or some combination of the two.
  • Smooth walls to be wallpapered with sandpaper, plus use proper fillers to fill any cracks or holes that are present.
  • Wash the walls with warm, soapy water before papering to remove dust and any other buildups. Make sure you allow them time to fully dry before you move forward.
  • In some cases, you may consider applying sealer or primer to the walls.


Always be sure to properly protect other areas of the home when preparing for a wallpapering job. Spills and various slops are common, but these won’t be a big problem if you use proper coverings for things like your carpet, furniture and any other important areas.

Proper Tools

A good wallpaper job is done using the right, high-quality tools. The equipment you use should likely include most or all of the following:

  • A table for laying our wallpaper and adhesives
  • A wallpapering brush and cutter
  • A secure, modern ladder
  • A spirit leveling device
  • A tape measure

Double Check Everything

Before you begin making any actual applications, we recommend taking an extra trip around the entire wall surface to ensure your measurements are accurate. Even if you already measured these areas a few days ago, there’s nothing wrong with doing it again to be sure they’re spot-on. Line up your patterns and take a broad look at them to find any errors before you apply your adhesives and move forward.

Following Instructions

Particularly when it comes to adhesives and a few other areas, it’s important to read your packaging and follow the instructions given to you. Most wallpaper products will list the kind of paste required for their application on the packaging itself, including directions on how to mix the paste at home. If not, our pros are available to lend some expertise as needed.

For more on avoiding major wallpapering errors, or to learn about any of our textured wallpaper, speak to the staff at Wallpaper Warehouse today.

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