Popular Home Locations for Tropical Wallpaper, Part 1

home locations tropical wallpaper

Nature themes are common design formats often used on many different types of wallpaper, and one particularly popular style herein is tropical wallpaper. Ideal for bringing light colors, relaxing themes and happiness to any room, tropical wallpaper isn’t just for a vacation home – many primary residences use tropical themes as major wallpaper design formats, adding a combination of color variation and positive vibes.

At Wallpaper Warehouse, we’re happy to offer our clients a wide range of wallpaper styles, colors and manufacturers, including numerous options when it comes to tropical wallpaper for any part of your home. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over several of the most common home locations where tropical wallpaper can be used, plus some themes you might consider in each of these areas.

Powder Room or Bathroom

One of the most popular rooms for tropical wallpaper in any given home is the powder room or bathroom area. This jibes with the general home design theme that generally reserves the boldest, high-color designs for smaller spaces – bathrooms are a great example.

Even if the rest of your space involves no tropical wallpaper or design themes whatsoever, the powder room is separated completely by walls and a door. This means you can use tropical wallpaper to contrast the rest of the home’s design. Or, in cases where you already have other tropical themes in place, this room just serves to further complement your primary approach.

Bedroom Areas

Another common area of the home for tropical wallpaper is the bedroom, which is a place for many individuals or couples to relax and escape daily life. Tropical wallpaper helps you turn your bedroom space into a personal paradise, including many styles that feature designs like palm trees, fruits and vegetables, ocean themes and many others.

In some homes, a different tropical theme is taken for each major bedroom. One room may feature oranges and related hues, while another hits on palm trees and still another covers water and ocean themes.

Closets and Other Nooks

Remember how we noted that bold designs like tropical wallpaper are often ideal for smaller spaces? Another great example of such a space is a closet or nook area, one that generally sits closed and will only be viewed during short periods of time.

For those with walk-in closets, for instance, tropical wallpaper is becoming a more and more popular choice in recent years. You only need a small amount of wallpaper to make a big impact in these kinds of areas, which can also include storage closets, window nooks or other smaller locations.

For more on the many areas of the home where tropical wallpaper can be utilized, or to learn about any of our wallpaper murals or online wallpaper services, speak to the staff at Wallpaper Warehouse today.

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