Outline on How to Remove Wallpaper From Surfaces

outline remove wallpaper surfaces

Whether you are looking to install new wallpaper in the area or are going for a bare-wall theme in a certain room, there may come a need for you to remove wallpaper in your home at some point in time. Luckily, unlike previous generations where you often had to spend hours scraping off stubborn pieces of wallpaper, this task is much simpler using today’s modern wallpaper formats.

At Wallpaper Warehouse, we’re happy to provide a wide range of contemporary wallpaper options, with a number of wallpaper colors, textures and providers available. We’re also here to offer tips and expertise on several related areas of wallpaper application or removal, helping you conveniently install or remove any sections you’re interested in. For today’s blog, we’ll go over some basic tips on how to remove wallpaper, including a few you should think about during the installation phase to make life easier down the line.

Hanging Tips

If there’s any chance whatsoever that you might need to remove wallpaper sometime in the future – and let’s face it, this is almost always possible – you should be taking some basic steps during wallpaper installation to make life simpler for yourself when this time eventually comes. For starters, be sure to sand and clean the surface of the wall before applying any wallpaper, leaving a smooth surface that makes it easy to bond and remove wallpaper.

In addition, apply a coat of primer to the wall before you apply the wallpaper. On top of this, use a strippable paste for installation – this material is readily available at any home improvement store. One small caution here: We generally do not recommend strippable paste in the bathroom, where it may cause issues.

Removal Steps

Before we get into the specific steps for removal of wallpaper, a note on the solution you should use. Many in the industry recommend a mixture of hot water and vinegar, but it’s also generally acceptable to use fabric softener in place of vinegar in many cases. Whichever solution you choose, here are the basic steps for removing wallpaper:

  • Mix your solution in a large spray bottle using hot water and either vinegar or fabric softener.
  • Use a razor or scorer tool to slice horizontally in the wallpaper. This will allow the solution to easily work its way into the paper.
  • Spray plenty of your solution on a given strip of wallpaper, allowing it to soak for 15 minutes or so.
  • Grab the wallpaper drop location at the bottom, and begin pulling it carefully upward.
  • If paste is left over after you have removed the wallpaper, use hot, soapy water to get rid of it.

For more on how to remove wallpaper if the need ever arises, or to learn about any of our wallpaper murals or room options, speak to the staff at Wallpaper Warehouse today.

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