Nursery Wallpaper Design Ideas

Nursery Wallpaper

Using wallpaper in the nursery is a great way to show some creative flair. Nurseries are some of the best rooms to decorate — your design can be contemporary, whimsical or classic, but you should keep in mind that just because you’re designing a nursery doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

Wallpaper is available in such a wide array of designs and colors, you can choose whatever you want to create the perfect atmosphere for you child. Below are a few design ideas for your child’s nursery.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bold

There’s no better room in your home to use bold, geographic prints than in a nursery. In fact, using wallpaper in bold patterns can help to bring energy to a room and make it feel playful and fun — creating visual interest for your baby as he or she grows is just an added bonus. In fact, babies can see bright and contrasting colors, shapes and patterns virtually from birth.

If you choose to go bold with wallpaper in your nursery, choose primary colors and stick with basic shapes. This way, you can switch out accessories and furnishings as your child grows, and enjoy a brand-new design without redecorating the entire room.

Have Fun with Cartoon Characters or Themes

Beloved characters are a popular choice for nursery design. You can easily find wallpaper that incorporates a variety of popular cartoon characters. Or you might choose themed wallpaper, such as whimsical animals or fairy princesses and castles. Even though it will be a while before your new baby shows any conscious interest in his or her surroundings, visual interest is important for helping tiny brains develop. But since mom and dad will spend a lot of time in the nursery as well, be sure to pick a theme or character that you enjoy too!

Commune with Nature

Many new parents choose more of a natural approach. Bring nature into your nursery with floral patterns or textured solids like grass cloth. Green tones, especially those in the sage family, are known to be relaxing for babies and adults alike. Or choose a realistic nature mural for a wall the baby can easily see. This will provide visual interest without overstimulation. Allow natural light to filter in through sheer drapes or shades to create interesting dappled light and shadow patterns on the wall.

If you do choose a theme, be prepared to switch it out as your child grows older and develops his or her own interests. Select a strippable wallpaper to make the process simple and quick when that day comes. Or, go with a basic color palette and add a theme using accessories or decals. That way, you can update the room quickly and affordably, whenever the mood strikes.

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