New Design Trend: Wallpaper on the Ceiling


A popular new design trend is wallpapering your fifth wall: your ceiling.

When you’re planning a redecoration project, you probably aren’t thinking much about your ceiling. It’s plain, it’s white and it’s out of your direct line of vision. But you’d be surprised how a wallpapered ceiling can add dimension to a room.

Reasons Homeowners Love This Wallpaper Design Trend

Fashions come and go, but this wallpaper design trend may be here to stay. First off, a wallpapered ceiling conceals all the cracks and stains that are bothering you, but may be too expensive to fix. As long as it’s not a sign of a structural or deeper issue in the home, you can cover damaged ceilings with wallcoverings and they will look good as new.

Second, decorating your ceiling is a sign that you have fully considered the space and taken advantage of every design opportunity. You’re not leaving anything to chance, or settling for anything boring, like a plain, white ceiling. Your home will look professionally decorated and you’ll be proud.

Finally, wallpapering a ceiling isn’t expensive, and it can realistically be completed in a weekend.

Even just a simple color change or a slight addition of texture can completely alter the feel of a room. You will be stunned and pleased with how such a seemingly minor detail holds such power over the final look.

Any home improvement that’s affordable and easy to execute is definitely a plus for homeowners.

Choosing the Right Pattern or Color

The finished look will only come out the way you want if each element is selected with thought to how the pattern or color will look in context.wallpaper-ceiling

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When choosing ceiling wallpaper, think about what you’re trying to accomplish. Would you like to make the room seem larger and airier? Then choose a lighter color. Would you like to make an already large room seem cozier? Darker colors are best.

With patterns, make sure the size of the pattern matches the size of the room. A large room can handle a flourishing, grand pattern. Smaller patterns should be relegated to smaller rooms.

Hanging Tips

Hanging ceiling wallpaper is a bit different than working on the walls, simply because gravity isn’t helping. Patch imperfections if they are large enough to be seen through the paper, and wash the area before you begin. Climb up on a stepladder so you can get as close as possible to the work area. You will need a helper to hold the sheet either by hand, or prop it up with a mop while you line it up and apply it slowly.

Shop a Wide Selection Online

The best way to get ideas for your home is to check out different colors or patterns, such as the wide selection found at Wallpaper Warehouse. This is a wallpaper design trend you shouldn’t miss out on — start planning your ceiling update today.

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  1. Avatar Mark H. says:

    Thank you for sharing. I use a paint roller with a pole to help keep the wallpaper up as I apply it. Once it’s been applied, you can use the paint roller to gently roll out any bubbles or wrinkles.

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