Modern Design Using Graphic Wallpaper

Graphic Wallpaper

Graphic wallpaper is a modern and exciting way to make a statement in any room in your home. Today, graphic wallpaper is available in a variety of designs that can help you create visual interest in any space, and take your walls from drab to fab in no time. Forget hanging art on the walls, because graphic wallpaper is more cost-effective and makes just as much of a design statement. Read on to learn how to transform the rooms in your home with graphic wallcoverings.

Whimsical Wallpaper

This is your opportunity to really express yourself through the design in your home. Many unique designs are available that can add a cheery uniqueness to any space. Do you love the sleek mod look of Mad Men? Create that same vibe in your home with modern wall coverings.

Delight Your Visitors

If you want to make a big impact, paper a wall with no windows or doors, and then paint the rest of the room to match the background color of the wallcovering. The world is your oyster when it comes to the look you want to create, from fun to elegant to sophisticated.

Stay Soft

If you’re hesitant to take a huge risk, you can find graphic wallcoverings that are subtle and beautiful but still give a room a modern feel. In the bedroom, for example, you don’t want to create an overstimulating environment. Find a subtle and beautiful graphic pattern that fits your aesthetic but is still calming to the eye.

First Impressions

You can create a dramatic entry in your home by choosing a striking color to pair with your modern wallpaper in your foyer. Go for a little texture and depth with the wallcoverings here and make a first impression no one is soon to forget!

Be Daring

If you want to go for a bold look with your graphic pattern, then you can choose a bright color to add some thrill to the space.

Hallway Surprise

Hallways are often a missed opportunity to define and guide the overall decorative style of a home. Covering a hallway in a punchy modern graphic pattern can add a lot of impact and set the tone for the rest of your home.

If you have any questions about how to add a modern flair to your home with new wallcoverings, visit the specialists at Wallpaper Warehouse’s online store. They can answer any questions you may have and can help you to achieve the design you want in your home. With thousands of designer-inspired graphics to choose from, you can make your own unique modern statement using graphic wallpaper.

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