Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas for the Perfect Backsplash

Kitchen wallpaper, once an amusing reminder of your Great Aunt Ethel, is today’s designer-inspired elegance. If papering the entire room isn’t your style, consider using wallcoverings to create an easy and affordable DIY backsplash treatment. With tons of washable and paintable options to choose from today, you can create a unique look in a single afternoon, without breaking the bank. Here are some of today’s hottest ideas for creating your own wallpaper backsplash.

Get an Expensive Look at a Bargain Price

If you’ve priced glass or metal tile backsplash materials, you may have experienced some big-time sticker shock, but you can create the same dramatic look at a fraction of the cost with wallpaper. You can select all kinds of patterns, including hand-hammered tin and sea glass tile. If natural stone is more your style, realistic marble, stacked travertine and fieldstone are all good choices. Sandstone and tumbled stone are perfect for a neutral background. Do you like the chalkboard look? You could spend a fortunate on chalkboard paint, then fight the masking and mess to apply multiple coats, hoping for a smooth outcome. Or you could invest a fraction of the cost on chalkboard wallpaper and, with no masking or mess, finish your perfect backsplash in an afternoon.

Customize the Look with Paintable Wallpaper

Paintable vinyl wallcoverings give you the three-dimensional texture you seek, and you can add the custom paint color and finish to match your kitchen décor. Paintable brick, Santa Fe slap-trowel plaster and even wainscoting patterns are available. So while the real thing may be out of the question from a budgetary or workmanship perspective, you can achieve an authentic look with minimal effort. Or, for more low-key elegance, choose a subtle damask, scroll or stripe design. Today’s sleek, contemporary kitchens are the perfect backdrop for subtle starburst patterns and geometric checkers. And, when you’re ready for a change, you can paint on a new color to completely change the look of your space.

Graphics and Patterns that Pop

No interior design discussion would be complete today without considering the pop of graphic design patterns. You can go the traditional route with kitchen or food-themed patterns, or take a truly unique approach with antique maps, whimsical birds or even a mid-century tableware pattern. East Coast designers have gone crazy for animal print graphic wallpaper this year, using it with dramatic effect in the kitchen. If subtle graphics are more your style, try a colorful gingham check pattern or leaf graphics on a grass cloth background. And, if you find yourself missing Great Aunt Ethel after all, you can always opt for a more traditional floral or damask pattern as the perfect homage.

When you’re ready for a quick and easy kitchen makeover, visit Wallpaper Warehouse online and browse through thousands of their designer-inspired wallcovering choices. Whatever your design style, you will find dozens of choices to complement your décor. Whether you’re in search of the perfect backsplash, border or mural, Wallpaper Warehouse is the go-to choice for your kitchen wallpaper.

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