Help With Designing Bedroom Wallpaper Schemes

designing bedroom wallpaper schemes

When it comes to rooms within a home where colors and patterns are most important for setting a mood, the bedroom is a top consideration for many homeowners. Between wallpaper and other color schemes, setting a mood and atmosphere in the bedroom, where many people spend lots of their time, is a vital task.

At Wallpaper Warehouse, we stock a variety of bedroom wallpaper, children’s wallpaper and other contemporary wallpaper options in a variety of styles, colors and manufacturing sources. In today’s blog, we’ll go over some general tips we offer our clients when it comes to conceptualizing and designing a bedroom’s wallpaper scheme.

Wallpaper and Mood

Because it’s the place where you wake up every day, the bedroom sets the mood for the entire day ahead. Many people choose a wallpaper scheme that’s designed to brighten them and lift their mood a they get their day started.

In some cases, this means a complex design that brings some real pop to at least one wall you can view upon waking up. Others might prefer a more peaceful design, one they can relax in and get to sleep easier at the end of each night. There are also middling options, such as those with soft pinks or blues that will brighten the space but also keep it relaxing during evening periods.

Color Schemes

Speaking of colors, you have a virtually limitless number of selections available with today’s modern wallpaper. Here are a few common colors and some of the general themes they tend to represent:

  • Green: Often associated with motivation and getting work done
  • Red: An exciting, spicy color good for lifting mood
  • Purple: Often connected with mental stimulation
  • Blue: Especially paler kinds of blue are often known as calming

Grey for Calm

Grey is known to be a calming color, but you have to be careful: Too much of it can go overboard and turn things more toward the depressing side of things. For this reason, we often recommend using grey in accents or smaller pieces, as a way to complement your overall design. It’s good for bathrooms or workroom accents, helping bring a bit of calm without overwhelming the design.

Depth and Feel

Finally, some want to utilize their wallpaper to make the room feel taller, wider or generally larger. One great format is using lines and patterns, which are known to increase depth and complement natural light. Vertical patterns offer some additional height. Some rustic wallpaper options also bring the kind of depth and comfort qualities many want in their bedrooms.

For more on some of the themes to consider while designing a bedroom’s wallpaper scheme, or to learn about any of our discount wallpaper options, speak to the pros at Wallpaper Warehouse today.

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