Heirloom Wallpaper Patterns

Using heirloom wallpaper patterns are an effective way to add the perfect finishing touch to your home design project. In our current throwaway culture, it’s easy to see why there’s been such a huge resurgence in wallpaper designs from other eras. Here are just a few ways that adding vintage patterns will bring a touch of nostalgia to your home, while still showcasing one of the hottest trends of the year.

Breathe New Life into a Room with Bold Geometrics

Geometric Wallpaper

When applied in a more traditional home, vintage geometric patterns add another layer of depth to the overall design. By complementing the clean lines of classical architecture, heirloom wallpaper patterns give an unexpected lift to dining rooms, foyers or even bedrooms. Since many historic or older homes are being updated or totally remodeled, bold geometric patterns have become hugely popular, whether in fabric, rugs or wallpaper. From art deco, with its black, gold and shimmering silver, to the clean lines of pop art in hot orange and fuchsia, these eye-catching patterns will refresh any room and give it a youthful, energetic vibe.

Add Floral Hints for a Remembrance of Things Past

Floral Wallpaper

In a world of short product lifecycles, the richness of heirloom velvet damask can amplify the authenticity of antiques or provide a dramatic counterpoint to a more modern furniture arrangement. These romantic floral patterns range from intricate baroque designs to pastels in soft, faded tones that whisper whimsical stories of a bygone era. A luxurious jacquard or floral kaleidoscope can give a nod to the past as well, while still celebrating the present.

Pay Homage to Mid-Century Innocence

Retro Wallpaper

You might also consider adding some ’50s flair with retro-themed wall coverings. A fun palette brings a touch of nostalgia to the kitchen, playroom or even the laundry room. From a Jetsons’-inspired starburst to a passionate paisley, why not add hip vintage accent wallpaper? It’s so much more interesting than plain painted walls. Whatever the era, be it the ’20s, ’50s or even the ’70s, it’s perfectly OK to smile when you catch a glimpse of that time frame out of the corner of your eye as you’re heading out for your morning coffee.

Wallpaper Warehouse carries a full line of vintage and retro wall coverings, as well as traditional styles and ultra-modern patterns. With hundreds of wallpaper colors and patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find just the right fit for your project. Their experienced design staff can help you select the perfect heirloom wallpaper patterns for your home or business, and still stay within your budget.

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