Go Green with Eco-Friendly Wall Coverings


The growing interest in “green” or eco-friendly wall coverings goes hand-in-hand with the resurgence of the popularity of wallpaper. As demand for these natural products grows, manufacturers and retailers have begun to offer options made from a variety of earth-friendly materials. Expect to see this trend explode in the coming years. Here are a few suggestions for going green with your wall coverings.

Natural Fibers Create a Textured Backdrop

Grass cloth is one popular option that can add a warm yet sophisticated look and feel to your walls. Grass-cloth wallpaper is available in textures that range from subtle to obvious in striation, and in every conceivable color. Another popular style combines grass cloth and natural cork for an intriguing visual effect. You can select wallpaper styles with bamboo, linen, silk, burlap, sisal and jute in their composition. These natural woven wall coverings make any room instantly cozy, thanks to their soft, touchable texture. By adding sleek, contrasting elements or even metallic accents, you’ll make a bold (yet sustainable) statement that’s ahead of the trend.

Weave in Natural Color

Many of these eco-friendly wall coverings are available in colors inspired by nature, another popular designer trend. Some of these nature-inspired hues include golden wheat, sage green, muted copper, oyster gray and warm terra cotta. By utilizing natural, sustainable materials in their makeup, jute-weave and sisal wallpaper create a distinctive neutral backdrop for almost any type of decor. Whether your style is modern, rustic, contemporary or traditional, these options offer a more environmentally friendly choice. If your walls could talk, they would no doubt thank you for carefully selecting an eco-friendly wallpaper that is in closer harmony with your values.

Explore the Artistry

Eco-chic grasses, nubby linens and bamboo weaves from around the world are also gaining in popularity this year. These natural fiber wall coverings have variations in color and texture that can offer a refreshing change from run-of-the-mill, flat wallpaper. Paintings and sculptural elements stand out especially well against the tight-grained texture of fiber-based wall coverings. Even with the simplest of accessories, a foyer or entryway will make a dramatic first impression when covered in a stunning floor-to-ceiling natural grass cloth. Why not explore the artistry of woven options that add a soft-spoken depth to your walls? If you’re not ready to go all the way with natural materials, look for wallpaper that that is low-chemical and free of vinyl and PVC, or that is sourced from managed or sustained forests. You can even find natural wallpaper paste but, at a minimum, look for an adhesive that is labeled as low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

If you are in search of a cutting-edge way to go green, eco-friendly wall coverings will put you way ahead of the crowd. Wallpaper Warehouse offers a wide variety of natural products, specializing in natural grass cloth, cork and other eco-friendly selections. Their knowledgeable designers can answer any questions you may have about eco-friendly wall coverings.

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