General Tips on Kitchen Wallpaper Selection, Part 1

tips kitchen wallpaper selection

At Wallpaper Warehouse, we’re proud to provide a wide array of wallpaper colors, styles and manufacturers to help you achieve your desired aesthetic in any room in your home. We’ve helped clients with a virtually limitless range of different designs and themes with their wallpaper, and there’s no area of your home we don’t have the ideal discount wallpaper to match.

That said, there are certain rooms in a given home where wallpaper is a bit less straightforward than others, and a good example here is the kitchen. In previous generations, it was much rarer to see wallpaper in the kitchen – it was much more common in areas like the living room and bedroom, with folks concerned about high temperatures, steam, humidity and other elements and the way they might impact wallpaper. Today’s modern wallpaper allows for easy kitchen use, however, and there are several different themes homeowners take when considering such purchases. This two-part blog series will go over a number of these themes, from the types of wallpaper you might consider to the areas in the kitchen where they tend to do best.

Wallpaper Care Risks

For starters, it’s vital to consider basic care precautions when installing wallpaper in the kitchen, particularly certain areas within it. While most wallpaper won’t have any issue with small amounts of water, for instance, it’s important not to create a situation where water is regularly soaking into the wallpaper – this can create weaker paste and cause the wallpaper to peel and lift.

In most cases, non-woven wallpaper formats receive fire testing and can be placed relatively close to stove areas. For those looking to be as careful as possible here, however, electric stoves are much safer than gas stoves when it comes to open flames and their potential impact on wallpaper.

Kitchen Wallpaper Type Recommendations

One of your first considerations for kitchen wallpaper should be the type you use, and we generally recommend vinyl or washable types. Vinyl wallpapers come with paper backing, plus a hard, easily washable surface that does not fade in sunlight. Vinyl also resists water extremely well, though this does occasionally create minor issues with stripping vinyl wallpaper when required.

Washable wallpaper should not be confused with vinyl wallpaper even though both can be washed. This type uses a thin, transparent coating to cover the pattern printed, which helps resist staining and marking. Washable wallpaper can be cleaned easily using just a cloth.

Maintenance and Lifespan

If basic cleanliness is a priority for you, we highly recommend avoiding fabric-based or highly-textured wallpaper options. This is because dirt builds up very easily in these types, making them tougher to maintain. Luckily, you have many modern kitchen wallpaper options that are not so tough to clean, including wipeable and washable options we went over above.

For more on selecting wallpaper for your kitchen, or to learn about any of our designer wallpaper products, speak to the staff at Wallpaper Warehouse today.

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