Framing Wallpaper: Good Design Choice?


Framing wallpaper is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to inject color and personality into any room in your home. Because of its affordability and character, it’s definitely a good design choice for any space!

It’s Cheaper Than Fine Art — And More Fun!

Looking for an easy weekend DIY project? Framing wallpaper is your best bet. You can make your own frame using low-cost wood from a home improvement store and small fastener nails to hang cardboard on the back. Then all that’s left is choosing the wallpaper pattern you just can’t resist!

Instead of shopping thrift stores and online sales for fine art and unique décor to hang on your walls, framing wallpaper is a budget-friendly alternative that produces the results you’re looking for at a fraction of the price. You want originality. You want distinctiveness. You want creativity.

You have complete control when you use framed wallpaper pieces.

Go Gallery-Style

Do you have leftover wallpaper from a home renovation? Do you have samples of some of your most-loved patterns that you never ended up buying?

Create a gallery of framed prints of all different sizes. Your personalized art gallery will transform even the most boring wall with a fun, imaginative design.

Create Tall Panels

Wallpaper that has a large-scale design can also be framed, but these look even better when they’re hung as panels. Create two tall panels of the same print, with matching frames. Hang them side by side in an entryway or any other narrow space. It’s a tasteful way to “hang wallpaper,” only with a frame involved.

Accent Wall without a Commitmentframing wallpapers

You’ve been dreaming of an accent wall in the living room behind your couch, but you can’t decide on a print. Here’s an idea: frame your current favorite to see how it looks!

Purchase or create a large frame that covers a vast expanse of the wall, then cut a large swathe of wallpaper to fit. Paste it to cardboard and piece it and the frame together.

Hanging a makeshift accent wall can help you make up your mind about what wallpaper print will work with your design best. In fact, you may decide you like the framed version.
Versatility at its Best

So many design decisions feel permanent. From a major kitchen remodel to a seemingly minor change like buying new furniture, you feel like you can’t go back once you’ve made a decision.

When you find a design choice that’s low-cost and easily altered, it’s cause for celebration. Framing wallpaper gives you the flexibility to experiment with colors, patterns and textures. At Wallpaper Warehouse, we support your imagination — shop our vast online selection to find the perfect finishing touches for your home.

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