Floral Wallpaper Patterns

Floral Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper patterns have emerged as the surprise designer darling of the year. Flower pattern wallpaper offers one of the most versatile ways to brighten a room and bring life to a space. Floral print wallpaper is available in a rainbow of color choices, patterns and prints ranging from tiny to huge, and design styles from traditional to ultra-contemporary. Here are a few of the hottest trends in floral wall coverings today.

Heirloom Victorian and European Floral Designs

The most traditional of the floral themes, heirloom and Victorian flower prints, are very much on-trend in calming pastels or deep, dusky tones. Think ivy-covered English country home, but updated. The modern take on these designs offers less dense patterns with smaller flowers and more background. Heirloom floral wallpaper is perfect for a formal dining space, master bedroom, or even a starry-eyed teen girl’s room. If doing an entire space in these rather serious prints feels like too much, try mixing in a painted accent wall (or two), highlighted with a coordinating border.

Retro and Mid-Century Modern Floral Wallpaper

While heirloom florals portray their subjects in a realistic, three-dimensional style, the mid-century modern approach uses a two-dimensional style, often using a solid colors on a bright background. Brought back to popularity by the “Mad Men” craze, retro patterns range from sparse to dense, but without the fussiness and romance found in European florals. MCM styles often use a gloss finish paper and bold color tones. This style works best in a well-lighted space with a minimalist approach to furnishings and accessories.

Graphic, Asian, and Culturally Inspired Florals

As the international approach to design grows in popularity, many designers are adding Asian- or African-inspired floral wallpaper to their clients’ homes. Even French designers are smitten with this trend, adding floral wall coverings inspired by the Chinoiserie prints of old Shanghai in Parisian hotels and ateliers. Today’s styles use Asian or other international motifs incorporated with a Westernized simplicity and color palette. Don’t think red and black lacquer; instead imagine saturated teals with dusty pinks and marigolds. Single-color patterns are another hot trend, reflecting simple floral silhouettes on grasscloth or metallics. These patterns make great accent walls for bedrooms, powder rooms, and even dining rooms.

Wallpaper Warehouse carries a full line of floral wall coverings, ranging from traditional styles to the ultra-contemporary. Their helpful designers can assist you in selecting the perfect floral wallpaper patterns for your home or business.

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