Floral Wallpaper: Common Benefits and Features

floral wallpaper benefits features

There are a number of broad style templates out there when it comes to wallpaper, and one of the most popular is the botanical, or floral, template. Generally involving plants, leaves, greenery and other themes that relate to nature, the floral wallpaper template is commonly found in several different room types.

At Wallpaper Warehouse, we’re happy to offer discount wallpaper in a wide range of styles, including floral wallpaper and many related options for those looking to infuse some nature themes into their aesthetic. What are the benefits of utilizing natural concepts within wallpaper and other home design themes, and what are some additional room accessories we often recommend along with these wallpaper designs? This two-part blog will dig into several areas.

Natural, Relaxing Feel

There’s been much research over the years indicating that nature is a healing, calming presence in many of our lives. It has been know to reduce stress and allow people to relax, assisting the nervous, endocrine and even immune systems as they perform daily duties.

Floral wallpaper patterns are one great way to bring this calming, relaxing presence into your home. Many who go this route find it’s much easier for them to relax on a daily basis, and for any guests they have. They also find their space more inviting and cheerful in general.

Improved Mental Health

Down similar lines, there are many who see direct mental health benefits associated with the aesthetic of their home and a design like floral wallpaper. People exposed to these colors and themes more often show decreased stress and aggression levels, showcasing the correlation between nature and calm that we discussed above. For this reason, floral patterns are often used in bedrooms and other areas where calm is needed.

Easy Coordination

Another practical benefit of floral wallpaper is the way it coordinates very easily with a variety of other decorating schemes you may be pursuing. It’s extremely easy to install new floral wallpaper in an existing home or room that already has its own aesthetic, as you can match it up with basically any other color scheme that’s already in place. If you prefer to swap this out every now and then, you can utilize peel-and-stick wallpaper for this purpose.

Ideal Focal Points

For many homes, floral or botanical patterns are ideal as accent walls or similar focus points. Even if the majority of your primary walls are a different aesthetic, a few panels of natural wallpaper will add a splash of color that you can complement with other accents, keeping the visual fresh for anyone in the room.

For more on how to use botanical or floral wallpaper patterns, or how to accessorize around them, speak to the staff at Wallpaper Warehouse today.

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