Flocked Wallpaper Inspires the Elegance of Past, Present & Future

Flocked Wallpaper

Flocked wallpaper has remained popular since its first appearance in the 17th century.

Although the most popular patterns of the day followed current trends in fashion and textiles, the texture and dimension of flocked wallpaper provide a unique elegance to any room the paper graces.

Today, wallcoverings using this design technique can help beautify any room or interior space, whether the décor is traditional or modern.

What Is Flocking?

When we talk about flocking, we refer to the process of adding tiny fibers to a surface to create texture. In the design industry, this may be done to produce a desired look or feel, or to add color, texture or dimension.

The fibers used in creating these designs can range in size and length from tiny to bulky. The smaller the fibers, the more velvety the feel. Thicker fibers create a rougher surface that feels like the bristles of a brush.

Today, flocked wallpaper is created by applying fibers to adhesive, or through an electromagnetic bonding process, to create designs. The result is a long-lasting, easy-to-clean, durable and amazingly versatile wallpaper.

A Brief History of Flocked Wallpaper

The earliest examples of wallcoverings designed in this manner were intended to be a poor man’s reproduction of the heavy, velvet textiles that hung in royal palaces and the homes of the wealthy.

Early patterns were large in scale and repeated only every six or seven feet. These designs were ideal for large halls and rooms of grand scale.

When the Victorians adopted these wallcovering designs, damask and brocade patterns were infinitely popular. Dark, saturated colors brought a formal but somewhat oppressive feel to the space, a perception that still exists today.

Today, Flocked Wallcoverings Can Enhance Any Décor Style

Although flocked wallpaper continues to evoke a feeling of elegance and a luxurious lifestyle, today’s patterns range from traditional to contemporary. Colors are lighter and brighter, and more tonal than strongly contrasting.

Although traditional damask flock patterns are popular, contemporary designs include energized geometric flocking on metallic backgrounds and even graphic quotes from famous authors such as Oscar Wilde.

These designs are ideal for the library or den, master bedroom and dining room. Professional designers also are using flocked wallpaper to bring dimension and interest to powder rooms and entry foyers.

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