Fall in Love with Wallpaper Again with Our Design Tips

Love Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a simple and cost-effective way to give your home that designer touch.

Interior design professionals and creative homeowners alike have rediscovered the joys of wallcoverings. For those of you who are still on the fence about it, we have asked a few of our favorite designer clients for their best advice.

Forget Everything You Ever Knew about Wallpaper

This is especially important if your Aunt Ethel had faded, ugly wallpaper all over her house. And unfortunately, this kind of childhood memory is what prevents many of our would-be customers from even considering adding wallpaper to their homes or businesses.

So put Aunt Ethel’s house out of your mind and start by browsing some of today’s most stylish wallpaper designs. This designer-inspired sisal wallpaper pattern is subtle but striking, and nothing you could create with paint alone.

We think you’ll be amazed by what you see when you let go of your preconceptions.

Consider Using Wallpaper as an Accent

You don’t have to start by papering an entire room. Instead, consider adding wallpaper for an eye-catching accent.

Some of the most popular places for an accent wall are the foyer or entryway, the headboard wall of the master or guest bedroom and the fireplace wall in the living or great room.

The powder room is another spot to consider for adding a single wall design. Consider a metallic ogee wallpaper design or a contemporary trellis pattern. Many of our customers add a chair rail or border, using paint or wainscot on the lower half and a beautiful wallcovering on the top. This creates a professional designer look in any room of the house.

Take a Look at Today’s Textured, Paintable Wallpaper

Speaking of wainscoting, did you know you can select a paintable wainscoting wallpaper that is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing?

In fact, you can choose from almost 200 three-dimensional, paintable wallcovering patterns. Designed to mimic wall textures like plaster, wood, brick and textiles, this paper can be used to create the most dynamic interior effects imaginable. And when you’re tired of the color, you can simply paint it.

Many of our interior design clients choose this approach, then use faux painting to mimic the real thing.

This is an ideal way to jump onto the growing wallpaper trend. Textured wallpaper costs a fraction of what genuine plaster, stone or wood would, and you can hang it yourself. And because you can paint it in whatever color scheme you like, you can change it tomorrow if you want to.

Here at Wallpaper Warehouse, we are constantly delighted with the many new wallcovering patterns, colors and textures that we regularly add to our online store. You can select from borders, murals and decals too, all offered at deeply discounted rates.

Visit us online today and fall in love, all over again, with wallpaper.

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