Designer Wallpaper Borders

Wallpaper Border Installation

Today’s designer wallpaper borders can really shake up your space, adding interest and flair. If the idea of a wallpaper border makes you think baby’s room with bunnies and blocks, you haven’t seen what’s new in border design. Some designers hesitate to even suggest that their clients add a border treatment to a room fearing flashbacks to the geese from Aunt Sally’s country kitchen. To help set the record straight, learn about the 21st century generation of wall paper borders.

What Is a Wallpaper Border, Exactly?

A wallpaper border is essentially a narrow band of wallpaper meant to stand alone. In other words, the pattern of a border is self-contained and not meant to be matched or repeated vertically across a span. True borders are applied in the same way that regular wallpaper is, not with the peel-and-stick technique used for Aunt Sally’s geese. Borders may have a theme (cars, sports, or geese), words or graphics (“Live, Love, Laugh”), or patterns like florals, scrolls, leaves, geometrics, etc. Widths vary based on the product, but generally range between 3” and 15”.

Where to Use Wallpaper Borders in the Home

Border designs are available for every room of the house and for every décor style. Popular designer locations for wallpaper border include the kitchen and in the bath. Borders can be used above kitchen cabinets, or as an accent under your breakfast bar countertop. In the bath, use a thin border around the perimeter of the room for visual interest, just above tub or vanity top level. Use a themed design to frame a bulletin board, photo collection, or inspirational quote wall for teens. Try hanging a coordinating border at windowsill height, creating an intriguing flow for a boxy space.

Creative Uses of Wallpaper Borders

Many people believe that borders are only appropriate as a trim or accent when papering an entire wall or room. Although there are many beautiful applications for this approach, designers use borders today in dozens of creative, standalone ways. Borders can be used to decorate cornices above windows, around door frames or windows, on stair risers (the vertical part), as a chair rail on a bare wall or above wainscoting, as a kitchen or powder room backsplash, or even to frame wall hangings. For a more dramatic application, you can hang border strips vertically across a wall to create a striped effect. Use themed border above the baseboards in kids’ bedrooms or play room, creating visual interest at the level where they play.

Wallpaper Warehouse has hundreds of border styles and patterns to choose from, all at discount prices. Their staff of wallpaper experts can help you select the designer wallpaper border that’s the perfect touch for your home.

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