Creative Repurposing for Old Wallpaper, Part 2

creative repurposing old wallpaper

In part one of this two-part blog, we went over some of the creative ideas you can use to repurpose your old wallpaper in your home instead of just throwing it out. Wallpaper waste is no good for the environment, and this kind of recycling within your home can not only help you go greener, but can also save you money.

At Wallpaper Warehouse, we can help with this no matter which style and manufacturer of wallpaper you’re dealing with. There are so many great themes and ideas here that we had to create a two-part blog – here are a few of the other top items to consider.

Coasters or Placemats

One of the most common forms of wallpaper waste is little tidbits that are left over from basic cutting and measuring processes. It’s always advisable to buy a bit more wallpaper than you think you need when installing a new wall, and chances are you’ll be left with little bits that have been cut off.

A great use for these small pieces is to glue and seal them to coasters and placemats in the kitchen. They can spruce up your colors and design themes in the kitchen, plus can help prevent scratching if you glue on some felt circles to their corners. Instead of spending money on new placemats or coasters, just repurpose your current ones this way.

Book-Related Themes

What happens to books that have been handled without care or are just wearing down with age? They become tattered and see issues like torn covers or ripped bindings.

A great solution here: Creating a new book cover using some old wallpaper. Select your favorite extra wallpaper colors and fold them into place, then attach them properly to the book in question. As an addition, cut another small contrasting strip to use as your bookmark moving forward.

Coloring Shelves

Many shelves or bookcases tend to come in fairly bland, neutral colors. One way to spice things up here is to use wallpaper as a complement, whether it’s on the back wall of the shelves or on the actual shelf boards themselves. You can go with either a single uniform design or a mix-and-match format, all of which will make a shelving area easier on the eyes.


Does someone in the home have a birthday coming up? What about a graduation, wedding announcement or any other event worthy of celebration?

Instead of dropping a bunch of money at a store on various decorations like banners, use your old wallpaper to create these at no cost on your own. Cut wallpaper into triangles or whatever kinds of designs you like, then attach them to some simple string to create great decorations that can go anywhere in the home.

For more on the creative ways to repurpose your wallpaper, or to learn about any of our discount and designer wallpaper options, speak to the pros at Wallpaper Warehouse today.

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