Creative Repurposing for Old Wallpaper, Part 1

creative repurposing old wallpaper

Recycling is becoming a larger and larger hot-button issue around the country, with sustainability and green practices on the rise – and the wallpaper industry is no exception. Extra wallpaper creates more waste than you might think, and manufacturers are regularly improving their materials and practices to benefit the environment wherever they can to combat this.

At Wallpaper Warehouse, we can help you with this area regardless which of our discount wallpaper styles you’re considering. In particular, we can help you minimize your waste when purchasing new wallpaper by showing you a number of different ways to repurpose and recycle your old wallpaper within your own home. There are so many possible uses for this additional wallpaper, in fact, that we’re going to split this blog into two parts. Here’s part one:

Decorative Bins and Storage

Wallpaper doesn’t only have to be used on the walls, particularly if it’s older and you aren’t looking for the same kind of protective qualities you would from new wallpaper. One great re-design idea can be to wrap some old wallpaper around your various garbage bins in the home, from the kitchen to the bathrooms and elsewhere.

This can add a little extra color to various parts of the home, adding a focal point that complements your design. This same theme can be applied to several different smaller storage areas.

Wallpaper the Stairs

If you’ve got a little bit of handy know-how, using wallpaper to spice up the look of your home’s staircases can be a fun alternative to throwing that wallpaper in the trash. If your staircase is a boring plain wood, line the vertical and horizontal sections of the stairs with subtle wallpaper shades. You might consider one theme for the vertical slabs and another complementary one for the horizontal steps themselves.

Wallpaper Art

Are you a fan of artwork on your walls? Here’s a tip: You don’t have to pay exorbitant prices for it, and can even create your own. Wallpaper is a great assist here, especially if you prefer patterned and themed art that can be made using various framing effects. You can even combine multiple wallpaper types into a single framed piece of art if you’re the creative type. This can be not only a great outlet for you personally, but a savvy way to repurpose that old wallpaper while saving some money.

Floor Themes

Whether we’re talking about a full wallpaper floor or just small accents, the truly bold among us might consider involving their wallpaper in flooring design. These designs are best in hallways or other narrower spaces.

For more on ways you can repurpose your old wallpaper and save money creatively, or to learn about any of our wallpaper services, speak to the pros at Wallpaper Warehouse today.

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