Craft Projects Using Leftover Wallpaper

Wallpaper Usage

You’ve finished your room project but have leftover wallpaper, so now what? While it is always a good idea to keep some extra pieces for repairs or to take a swatch shopping with you, you don’t have to let the excess go to waste. Even if you aren’t particularly crafty, there are many creative and simple ways to use your extra wallpaper.

Use Wallpaper Scraps for Parties and Entertaining

Purchasing gift bags and wrapping paper can be expensive, especially the heavy-duty, high quality type. Wallpaper makes a perfect material for wrapping gifts but you can also make gift bags using patterns found online and coordinating bits of ribbon from your gift wrap tote. Make coordinating gift tags too. For parties, create unique containers for holding fresh flowers by gluing the paper to empty cans or plastic drink cups. Cover empty ice cream cartons and use them as snack food serving containers or to hold plastic tableware or napkins. Glue pre-cut sheets to cardboard backing for beautiful yet disposable place mats.

Leftover Wallpaper for Giving Furniture a Facelift

If you have tired or faded furniture, you can give these pieces a new lease on life using wallpaper scraps. Use spray mount adhesive or modpodge to attach cut-to-size pieces to drawer fronts on an old dressing table or dresser. Attach paper to cabinet doors on an old wardrobe or serving cart. If you have lots of leftover wallpaper, create an interesting headboard by papering a large section of wall above the bed and adding painted trim strips cut to size as a frame. Cover baskets in your leftover paper and add them to open cubbies or shelving units to organize and store craft supplies or kids’ toys. For a beautiful but utilitarian application, use it to create your own shelf paper and drawer liners.

Using Wallpaper to Create Art

If your leftover wallcovering is particularly striking, you can even use it to create wall art and custom decorator accessories. Create custom artwork by covering a canvas panel with wallpaper, wrapping it around the back and securing it with glue or heavy-duty tape. Create large panels for a stairwell by mounting strips of large-print paper directly on the wall, then frame with pre-cut and painted pieces of architectural trim. Cover lampshades or create hanging “tapestries” by wrapping a top edge around a dowel and attaching decorative cord for hanging. Cover old picture frames or even a plain clock. At the craft store, pick up some inexpensive wood plagues in varied and interesting shapes then use modpodge to attach different papers in coordinating or complementary colors. Group these together on a wall to create a visually interesting display.

The options are almost limitless for creative uses of leftover wallcovering products. Many people actually purchase entire rolls in patterns of their choosing including paintable wallpaper to create one-of-a-kind furniture and accessories. Wallpaper Warehouse offers thousands of pattern and color choices, all at discount prices.

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