Choosing Wallpaper that Matches Your Space

Choosing Wallpaper

Do you panic over the idea of choosing wallpaper for your home or office space? Don’t sweat it! Finding the right wallpaper to enhance your décor is both fun and easy when you follow these tips.

Consider the Material

Think about the room in which you would like to hang new paper. Is it a high-traffic area? Is it humid, like a bathroom or kitchen? Is it a room where many people like to gather, where the energy is dynamic? Do you have kids and pets in the home? The answers to these questions will help determine the best type of material to use in that space.

Kitchens, bathrooms and hallways sometimes endure both high traffic and high humidity, so they usually fare best with a durable paper, such as vinyl. This type of paper is more stain-resistant and easy to clean, which makes it perfect for these rooms.

Rooms with lower humidity and less traffic offer more flexible options. You can choose a fabric wallpaper in your bedroom or living room, or even one of the new non-vinyl papers that can be washed. These products also are easy to apply and remove, when you’re ready to remodel in the future.

How Much Do You Need?

You must consider how much paper you need for the room or space you plan to cover. Wallpapers come in different widths and lengths, so make sure you note the roll size when making your selection.

Because this can be a confusing process, we recommend you consult with us to help you determine the proper quantities to order. If you order too much product, you’ll have leftovers. Too little, and you may not be able to match the exact dye lot with a subsequent order.

Consider Color and Texture

This area is where decisions become challenging for most people. With a virtually limitless supply of options to choose from, colors, patterns and textures can quickly become overwhelming. First, consider the space you plan to cover. Think about the size, shape and obstacles, such as windows and doors.

Next, consider the amount and source(s) of light in the room. Look at the flooring and furnishings. The basic rules of interior design favor complementing your floors and furniture. Lighter colors will make the space appear larger, while a darker color, although more dramatic, can make a space feel smaller and cozier.

To add dimension to the room, consider textured wallpaper. These patterns include embossed papers and those made from natural fibers. They will add depth and work particularly well to camouflage walls that are uneven or have other flaws.

Choosing Wallpaper Patterns

You have, quite literally, thousands of wallpaper patterns to choose from. If you’re a wallpapering novice, experts advise sticking with a paper that will be easy to line up. Smaller patterns, like florals, can be used to hide wall imperfections, and you can use vertical stripes to make the ceilings in the room appear higher.

Whatever your décor style or preference, Wallpaper Warehouse has the right choices for your project. Visit our online store today and browse the many designer-inspired patterns and designs. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff is standing by to help you through the potentially confusing process of choosing wallpaper for your project.

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