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Avoiding Mistakes When Choosing Wallpaper Color

mistakes choosing wallpaper color

At Wallpaper Warehouse, we’re your go-to shop for wallpaper and all related areas of home design. Whether you’re looking for discount wallpaper, wall decals or even wallpaper murals, we have all the materials you need for a bright, colorful makeover to any room or area in the home. One area we spend a great deal

Wallpaper-Friendly Holiday Decoration Ideas

wallpaper holiday decoration

The holidays are fast approaching, and for homeowners everywhere, that means its decoration season. However you celebrate the holiday season, fun home decorations on the walls, floors and various other areas really help bring in the joy of this time of year. At Wallpaper Warehouse, we can help if you’re looking to decorate for the holidays without

Steps for Stripping Wallpaper

steps stripping wallpaper

At Wallpaper Warehouse, we’re your go-to wallpaper experts. With years of experience helping clients get fantastic textured and designer wallpaper at great prices, we’ve seen just about everything there is to see in the world of wallpaper. Unfortunately, from time to time you might have to consider removing wallpaper from a given room or area in

Wallpaper Cleaning Methods, Part 2

wallpaper cleaning methods

In part one of this two-part blog, we went over some of the basics for cleaning wallpaper using the simple water and mild detergent method. This method is effective for most wallpaper types, allowing you to remove basic grime and stains without damaging the wallpaper itself. At Wallpaper Warehouse, we can help with cleaning considerations

Wallpaper Cleaning Methods, Part 1

wallpaper cleaning methods

Even if your home features dark wallpaper that does a fantastic job hiding dirt or stains, some basic wallpaper cleaning is necessary from time to time for the diligent homeowner. Regardless of your style or color scheme, keeping wallpaper clean and well-maintained increases its lifespan while also keeping things looking pristine in your home. At

Choosing a Relaxing Wallpaper Theme

choosing relaxing wallpaper

We may not think about it on a daily basis, but the colors and visual themes we view and spend time in every day have a major impact on our mental state. In particular, common mental areas like stress and relaxation are influenced strongly by these themes – and within the home, perhaps the largest single

How to Choose Wallpaper for Your Home Theater

wallpaper home theater 

In fact, now there are wallpapers specifically designed with acoustic properties in mind. However, these wallpapers tend to be on the pricier side and aren’t all that necessary. You’ll enjoy your home theater room just as much with a normal wallpaper covering as you will with an acoustic one. The only question is how can you choose

What Textures Can Wallpaper Have?

wallpaper texture

Wallpaper is beloved because you can always find something to fit your personality and style. However, that’s not just limited to the pattern or colors of the sheet. You can also find wallpaper with your perfect textures as well. This is a great option if you want to focus on both the look and the feel of

September Wallpaper Trend: Precious Metals


September’s wallpaper trend is for those who like to shine. As the school year starts up and the temperatures start dropping, it’s clear that change is in the air. Why not give your walls a change as well with our precious metals designs? Metals such as gold, silver, copper, bronze and platinum ooze glamour. They shouldn’t just be

4 Tips For Adding Wallpaper Around Windows


Adding wallpaper around windows is tricky. With tight corners and uneven ledges, getting that perfect fit seems nearly impossible. However, don’t let the extra work scare you. Installing wallpaper to walls with windows can be a beautiful way to lighten up a room. Luckily, our four tips help take away some of the struggle that comes with wallpapering tricky