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Basic Planning Steps for Installing New Wallpaper, Part 2

planning steps installing new wallpaper

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the initial steps involved in the process of installing new wallpaper. This isn’t a process you can just jump on suddenly and complete within an hour – it requires some planning and preparation to ensure the wallpaper is installed in an efficient

Basic Planning Steps for Installing New Wallpaper, Part 1

planning steps installing new wallpaper

If you’re considering installing new wallpaper in your home, whether for a single wall, a full room or even multiple rooms or major areas, it’s important to take some time to plan out the process. Wallpaper installation isn’t as simple as running to the store, grabbing some paper and slapping it on the wall –

Readiness for an Error-Free Wallpaper Installation

readiness error-free wallpaper installation

Like any other major home project, wallpapering a given wall or room takes some planning and diligent effort. Certain wallpaper installations might seem a bit finicky compared to other home improvement jobs, but the right bits of planning will help you avoid any pitfalls or major errors during the process. At Wallpaper Warehouse, we can

Proper Measuring for a Wallpaper Project

proper measuring wallpaper project

At Wallpaper Warehouse, we’re obsessed with helping you find the perfect wallpaper style, color and materials for your needs. We’ll work with you on all the details of your wallpaper project, including helping you determine exactly how much product you need for a given room or wall upgrade. Clients new to wallpaper often have many

Benefits and Tips for Wallpapering a Ceiling

benefits tips wallpapering ceiling

Based on both its name and standard uses for it as a product, we naturally think of walls first and foremost when considering wallpaper. But it’s also a highly useful material on many ceilings for several reasons, whether you’re looking to cover some cracks or other damage or simply add to the aesthetic of a

Preparing Walls for Wallpaper Installation

preparing walls wallpaper installation

Whether you’re re-doing the wallpaper in one small room in your home or taking on a big project here throughout the house, the right preparation tips are needed. Whether the walls in question have previous wallpaper on them, paint or some other material, getting the most out of your new products involves taking the right

Creative Repurposing for Old Wallpaper, Part 2

creative repurposing old wallpaper

In part one of this two-part blog, we went over some of the creative ideas you can use to repurpose your old wallpaper in your home instead of just throwing it out. Wallpaper waste is no good for the environment, and this kind of recycling within your home can not only help you go greener,

Creative Repurposing for Old Wallpaper, Part 1

creative repurposing old wallpaper

Recycling is becoming a larger and larger hot-button issue around the country, with sustainability and green practices on the rise – and the wallpaper industry is no exception. Extra wallpaper creates more waste than you might think, and manufacturers are regularly improving their materials and practices to benefit the environment wherever they can to combat

Avoiding Mistakes When Choosing Wallpaper Color

mistakes choosing wallpaper color

At Wallpaper Warehouse, we’re your go-to shop for wallpaper and all related areas of home design. Whether you’re looking for discount wallpaper, wall decals or even wallpaper murals, we have all the materials you need for a bright, colorful makeover to any room or area in the home. One area we spend a great deal

Wallpaper-Friendly Holiday Decoration Ideas

wallpaper holiday decoration

The holidays are fast approaching, and for homeowners everywhere, that means its decoration season. However you celebrate the holiday season, fun home decorations on the walls, floors and various other areas really help bring in the joy of this time of year. At Wallpaper Warehouse, we can help if you’re looking to decorate for the holidays without