Beadboard Wallpaper or Real Beadboard?

beadboard wallpaper

Could beadboard wallpaper add the decorative touch your room needs to complete its design? Is real wood beadboard worth the expense and the time it takes to install?

Only you can make the call, but it may surprise you how many added benefits beadboard wallpaper has to offer.

Decorating with Beadboard

Beadboard is a decorative accent made of vertical wood strips that usually run about one-third to halfway up a wall, with a baseboard at the bottom and a chair rail at the top. Sometimes it’s laid over an entire wall. It’s also used to decorate cabinets and ceilings. In between each thin wood plank is an indent, also called a bead, which gives beadboard its name.

Traditionally, beadboard was installed on the lower half of walls in an effort to attractively protect plaster from scuffs, marks and damage. It gives any space a traditional, classic look, but fits both modern and vintage styles. It’s a charming addition to the design of entryways, hallways, bathrooms, dining areas and more.

Wallpaper Is Durable and Easy to Clean

One of the main reasons for installing beadboard is to protect walls and make them easier to clean. Modern beadboard wallpaper makes it possible to achieve this goal — no real wood required.

Vinyl wallpaper is a great choice for high-traffic areas in your home because it stands up to bumps. It’s also easy to wipe clean. Just rub away dirt and grime with a moist cloth. Vinyl beadboard wallpaper delivers all the same functional benefits you’d get from real beadboard.

Install it in Minutes

beadboardWallpaper gets the edge over real wood when it comes to the installation process. No saws or nail guns are needed. Just peel and stick pre-pasted wallpaper, and your design is complete only minutes later, with no sawdust to clean up.

Save Money

You’ll also save money if you opt for wallpaper over real wood. You can find quality beadboard wallpaper for $20 to $35 per roll. You don’t have to buy screws, nails or any other supplies like you would for a real wood installation project. Get the effect you’re looking for without the high cost.

Vinyl Beadboard Wallpaper Stands Up to Moisture

One of the concerns when installing real wood beadboard is its ability, or lack thereof, to stand up to moisture. Water leaks can lead to rot and mold growth. Opting for vinyl wallpaper guarantees that this won’t ever be an issue. You don’t need to worry about continuous upkeep either — wallpaper doesn’t need to be sanded and repainted.

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