Bathroom Wallpaper Planning and Design, Part 2

bathroom wallpaper planning design

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on planning wallpaper themes for your bathroom. The bathroom is one of the most unique locations in the home for wallpaper, as it involves a few themes other rooms in the home typically don’t, so planning for this sort of installation may take a couple extra steps.

At Wallpaper Warehouse, we’re happy to offer a wide range of wallpaper manufacturers, colors and styles, including several bathroom wallpaper varieties that are ideal for numerous different space types. The space and fixtures available often play a big role in this design and planning process, even for wallpaper – part two of our series today will go over some of the various bathroom and wallpaper formats to consider depending on what’s present in your bathroom.

Smaller Bathrooms or Powder Rooms

One benefit of smaller half-baths or powder rooms when it comes to wallpaper: They don’t have a shower or tub that will involve more moisture in the small space, issues we went over in part one in terms of wallpaper impact. For some, this means their range of available wallpaper varieties is much larger than it would be otherwise.

Both for this reason and because these bathrooms are often used by guests, we often recommend that clients flex their muscles to a degree here. You can select bold and prominent wallpaper patterns, including those that cover the entire powder room if you desire.

Wallpaper Borders or Accents

In many bathrooms, an existing aesthetic you enjoy will already be in place. If you’re just looking to tweak this rather than create larger changes, you might consider using wallpaper borders around a single area, such as a mirror or window. You could also consider a single accent wall for wallpaper that serves as a contrast for the rest of the room.

What if you have a wallpaper tone you really want present in the bathroom, but the wallpaper type does not work given moisture concerns? In such cases, consider framing a sheet of the wallpaper and simply hanging it up behind glass, where it’s protected.

Separated Bathroom Formats

Other bathroom types will involve separate areas, such as a jack-and-jill bathroom for a couple or a setup that has its own separated toilet room or stall. There are several wallpaper formats available here: You can either wallpaper one area and not the other for contrast, or look to connective themes that bring them together.

Full Coverage

Finally, some will simply choose to cover the entire bathroom space with wallpaper. So long as you have proper ventilation and air flow, plus choose the right wallpaper sticking style, this is a realistic and doable job. Contact our team if you have any concerns about a particular wallpaper material or adhesive format for your bathroom space.

For more on designing bathroom wallpaper, or for any of our discounted wallpaper materials, speak to the staff at Wallpaper Warehouse today.

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