Bathroom Wallpaper Planning and Design, Part 1

bathroom wallpaper planning design

Depending on your taste and aesthetic desires, varying rooms in your home may require very different approaches when it comes to wallpaper. The wallpaper you use in your master bedroom will often be entirely different from the wallpaper used in the living room or kitchen, and another room that highlights these differences is the bathroom.

At Wallpaper Warehouse, we’re happy to provide a variety of wallpaper style options for various rooms in your home, from bathroom wallpaper to bedroom wallpaper, kitchen wallpaper and many others depending in your needs. Bathrooms are unique areas for wallpaper because they require a few considerations you likely won’t be making in other areas of the home – this two-part blog series will go over these unique differences, plus dig into some important themes to be aware of plus some common uses of wallpaper in the bathroom space.

Moisture and Water Concerns

Those unique differences we noted? They mostly trace back to potential moisture and water concerns in the bathroom space, which are not generally present in other areas of the home. Full bathrooms that contain showers, especially, must have factors like moisture and resulting humidity taken into account.

We’ll dig into wallpaper symbols and types down these lines momentarily, but a word first on ventilation – which is valuable for all types you might choose in the bathroom. If you ensure the bathroom space has good air flow and ventilation properties, including both a fan and proper window arrangements, the risks of moisture-related concerns are much lower moving forward. We recommend this for all homeowners who are installing new wallpaper in a bathroom.

Important Symbols

Based on the above, you want to choose wallpaper that’s designed to withstand certain moisture-related conditions. Within the industry, a wave-like symbol will be found on many wallpaper types that signals some level of protection – here’s a layout of what’s being referred to based on the number of such symbols you see present:

  • One symbol: Refers to sponge-able wallpaper where water-soluble marks can easily be removed. This type of wallpaper is often recommended for high-traffic areas, but may not remove splash-back or resist humidity.
  • Two symbols: Refers to washable wallpaper that both removes marks and splash-back from baths, showers and sinks.
  • Three symbols: Refers to extra-washable wallpaper that has all the qualities of washable wallpaper, but also resists mild humidity as well.

General Bathroom Wallpaper Themes

Once you’ve covered any moisture concerns you may have had, the basic themes and guidelines for bathroom wallpaper are pretty similar to other rooms in the home. Some choose to cover the entire space, while others may prefer a single accent wall depending on their needs.

For more on choosing wallpaper for your bathroom, or to learn about any of our wallpaper murals or other wallpaper services, speak to the staff at Wallpaper Warehouse today.

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