Bathroom Wallpaper Design Ideas: What Fits Your Home?

Bathroom Wallpaper

Choosing the ideal bathroom wallpaper is a challenge: It’s a unique room to decorate, and you have so many options to choose from! You want your bathroom design to stand out, but also jive with your home’s overall style.


What do you need to know about choosing bathroom wallpaper?

Powder Room vs. Full Bath: The Steam Factor

First of all, what type of bathroom are you decorating? There’s a big difference between powder rooms and full bathrooms because of the steam factor.

Powder rooms are usually near your main living area. They’re smaller, and have a sink and toilet only. Their central purpose is to provide an easily accessible space for guests to “powder their noses.”

These bathrooms don’t have ventilation because no one will be running hot water for more than a few seconds. You have a bit more flexibility with powder rooms, since steam isn’t as big of an issue.

Full bathrooms are different. Whether it’s a bathroom designated for guests, kids or adults, it has a shower or bathtub, perfect for a long, steamy bathing session.

Make sure you take into account the steam factor when you’re looking at product samples. For full bathrooms, choose bathroom wallpaper that’s made of vinyl so it can stand up to the condensation.

Black and White or a Color

black-white-wallpaperNext, it’s time to choose a color scheme, or a lack thereof. Black-and-white bathroom wallpaper gives the room a classic look. It also highlights the hardware. If you have shiny new chrome fixtures you want to stand out, black and white on the walls will call attention to the silver knobs and handles.

On the other hand, if your bathroom is overwhelmingly white — white sink, white toilet and white bathtub — use your wallpaper design choice as an opportunity to inject a splash of color into the room. It will add character to the plain look.

It’s Your Opportunity to Experiment

What’s so great about designing a bathroom? It’s separate from your main living spaces. You can hang that outlandish, crazy pattern you love but just doesn’t look good on an accent wall in your dining room. Experiment with the space and make your bathroom unique. It could very well become a conversation piece for your guests.

Keep Busy Patterns in Check: Add Wainscoting

Have you found a dynamic pattern you love, but you feel like it overwhelms the space? Break it up by adding wainscoting. Wainscoting could also be a good choice in bathrooms used to bathe children — the less water on your wallpaper, the longer it will last.

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