Add Character to Your Home with Wallpaper 


Looking to add character to a new build and make it feel more like home?

You don’t need to buy an ancient farmhouse to get the character you’re looking for or the comforting accents that give your place its own unique style. You also don’t need to embark on costly renovations — just use wallpaper!


Embrace Your Home’s Style

First, recognize and accept your home’s style. Ranch? Craftsman? Whatever it looks like on the outside, guests will expect that style to carry over indoors. You can try to buck trends and transform the interior so no one would recognize it from the outside, but that would take considerably more time and energy.

Instead, try embracing your home’s style! Use the architectural features of the outdoors to help you discover what you can create indoors.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Color is your friend. If you love black and white, that’s fine, but you don’t need to shy away from bright colors! They might not be right for a whole room, but you need them as accents. That’s what visitors will remember after they leave.

Research color psychology before you choose brightly colored accents for each room. For instance, fire-engine red is better for a game room than a bedroom — it initiates action. Choose aqua blue accents as a calmer color for a study or nursery. Bright accent colors give you a chance to be adventurous.

If you can’t find the right shade of throw pillow, why not incorporate your bright accent color into the wallpaper instead? Wallpaper Warehouse has plenty of standout designs that are ideal for this purpose.

Add Texture to Your Walls

Weathered Plank Grey Wood Texture Character comes in the form of texture as well as color. Consider installing velvet wallpaper in a bedroom. Hang faux-wood wallpaper in your entryway. Make texture a key focus, and it will quickly add character to a blank, white wall. From grass cloth to silk, find the mood-enhancing texture that’s right for your walls by browsing our catalog.

Create Gallery Walls

Wallpaper can add character even when it’s not covering the entire wall. Pick and choose a few patterns you like that work well together. Frame a cutout of each and use it to create a gallery wall. It’s your own unique design that will be hard to replicate anywhere else, because it’s your favorite wallpaper patterns reimagined.

Choose a Pattern That’s as Unique as You

You add character to your home when you create an environment that reflects you and your family. Think about your interests and your personalities, then click through our selections at Wallpaper Warehouse. Fill your cart with patterns that ship free throughout the U.S., directly to your door.

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