6 Things to Consider Before Buying Wallpaper

buying wallpaper online

Buying wallpaper is a big step. It means you’re finally making the move to redesign your interior. It’s incredible how drastic of a change wallpaper makes!

Use the six tips below to help you when buying wallpaper. You’ll be thrilled with the results!

1. Decide on the Purpose of the Room

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is choosing a pattern that’s just wrong for the room in question. What would make a product a bad fit? Color can play a serious role.

For example, red is known for its adrenaline-stimulating psychological effect. It may be your favorite color, but is it the right choice for your bedroom? You may be better off with a calming blue or a relaxing green.

The best way to make sure you’re buying wallpaper that will be a successful addition to the room’s design is to know beforehand what you will use the room for. What atmosphere are you trying to create?

2. Keep Your Options Open

Let’s say you’re buying wallpaper that looked great as a sample, but you’re not sure if you want it on every wall of the room. Then take your time! Don’t rush into pasting the latest craze in every corner of your home. It will pay off long-term to carefully consider multiple wallpaper options before you commit.

One way to stay flexible about wallpaper selection is to purchase a removable product. You can easily hang it (without paste) and remove it without any fuss and without damaging your walls.

3. Think About Your Home as a Whole

Buying wallpaper when you’re focusing on just one room can be dangerous. Consider how the design will flow into the next room. A shift that’s too drastic can be jarring and unsettling. You want your home’s interiors to flow together flawlessly, especially homes with a more open floor plan.

4. Don’t Fall in Love with a Pattern PrematurelyHanging Wallpaper

It happens — you’re buying wallpaper online and you click on a product you love. You have to have it!

But be careful of ordering lots of rolls until you see how it looks on one of your walls. Many homeowners have second thoughts, which can be troubling if you’ve already invested money in one pattern.

5. Understand What’s Too Much

There’s going bold, then there’s going overboard. It’s OK to order a product with richly saturated colors to catch the eye. But when making this design choice, you don’t want the bright colors to be brighter than you planned for.

6. Know That You Don’t Have to Follow the Crowd

Interior home design trends change constantly. It’s tempting to go with the flow and drift toward frequently used colors and patterns. But think about this: It’s your house. You get to design it the way you like it! If you like an unusual style, don’t avoid it just because of its waning popularity. Your home design should reflect you.

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