5 Wood Panel Wallpaper Decorating Ideas


Wood panel wallpaper is trending right now because homeowners have discovered how easy it is to create an authentic look without all of the added costs of real wood and professional installation.

It’s an economical way to get the effect you’re going for … and it’s easy to install too!

Why Wood Panel Wallpaper?

Wood panel wallpaper is a substitute for the real thing, but that doesn’t mean you sacrifice all the benefits of real wood. Wood paneling is such a popular look because it’s powerful enough to make any space look sophisticated and upscale. It demonstrates that the designer paid close attention to the details.

Even though it can be seen as formal in some settings, it also can feel cozy in intimate spaces. It’s versatile, and pricey to install. What’s less expensive? Using wallpaper to get the same effect.

Here are five decorating ideas for wood panel wallpaper:

1. Build a Classic Library

No library is complete without warm wood paneling. It’s the perfect room in your house for this feature. Hang it all along the lower half of the room, or place it on one wall as an accent.

2. Add Elegance to Your Office

An office design is similar to a library — it must have an atmosphere conducive to concentration. What better way to create that effect than by covering the walls in wood panel wallpaper?

Find a warm, rich color, and your office will immediately feel more inviting. Maybe you will actually want to get some work done!

3. Create a Custom Headboard

Many designers use this product as an accent in a unique way. Hanging wallpaper directly behind the bed in the master bedroom gives the appearance of a large, wall-sized custom headboard. Make your king-size bed look even grander with this addition.

4. Give Balance to Your Bathroom

wood-panel-wallpaperWood paneling always looks tasteful in a bathroom. Cover the lower half of the wall with this wallpaper product, then pick out a different wallpaper design for the upper half. The juxtaposition of the two designs is perfect for small-sized powder rooms.

5. Craft a Quality Basement Renovation

When you’re renovating your basement, your ultimate goal is to create a space you can use on a daily basis. That means you want to make yourself and your guests forget you’re even in a basement to begin with. Add an accent wall of wood to give your new basement lounge a touch of class that will be unexpected but welcome.

Wallpaper Warehouse has wood panel wallpaper for every design scheme. Browse the online catalog today to find some great ideas for your home.

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