4 Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Wallpaper Pattern

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Finding a wallpaper pattern that makes your heart beat faster is a thrill. You just know it will look perfect in your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen!

Not so fast. Before you spread out your hanging tools and order 10 rolls of your new wallpaper pattern crush, take a few minutes to ask yourself the questions below.

What Kind of Atmosphere am I Trying to Create?

red-wallpaperJust because fire-engine red is your favorite color doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for a bedroom. Deciding what to put on your walls involves more than just choosing your favorite wallpaper pattern. It involves thoughtfully considering the type of atmosphere you’re trying to create in the room.

Colors evoke emotions within humans and influence behavior. Blue is a calming color that translates well to an office or bedroom. Yellow is a creative color that could help you think of new recipe ideas in your kitchen.

Think about the product you have in mind as well. A broad, definitive, large-scale pattern may overwhelm a bedroom, but look perfect on an accent wall in your dining room. The muted, smaller pattern that gets lost in your living room may be perfect for your office.

When you think about how the wallpaper you’re considering will affect the room’s atmosphere, it helps clarify the benefits and potential drawbacks of your choice.

Does My Wallpaper Need to Be Durable?

If you’re spending money and time purchasing and hanging a new wallpaper pattern, you want it to last. Are you hanging it in a bathroom or kitchen where splashing water and humidity are almost guaranteed? Consider a vinyl wallpaper that will stay intact under these circumstances. Reserve fragile products for areas less likely to get daily abuse.

How Big Is the Room?

The size of the room helps dictate the success of the wallpaper pattern. If you’re trying to make a small space seem larger, opt for a vertical pattern. But never put a large pattern in a small space. It will overwhelm the eyes and make the room seem even smaller than it is.

How Much Natural Light Is in this Room?

Dark spaces could use a lift — it’s best not to hang dark wallpaper where there is no natural light. If you must, make sure you install extra lighting to offset it. If you’d like to brighten a room, a light wallpaper pattern can help, especially a shiny one. Reflecting light around the room will automatically brighten the space.

It’s Decision Time

Now that you’ve had a chance to think about your wallpaper pattern purchase from many angles, it’s time to decide. Wallpaper Warehouse has a huge selection for every taste and color preference. Check out our online catalog today.

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