3 Wallpaper Trends You Should Know About

Three trends to keep in mind as you are selecting designer wallpaper for your home.

When you decide that you want to include wallpaper in your home’s interior décor, the next step is to make sure that you get the right styles. Wallpaper trends—like all interior decorating trends—change over time, so it’s important to know about what’s up-and-coming to get the right look for your home. Here are three trends

4 Reasons to Choose Wallpaper Instead of Painting in Your Home

Some people worry that wallpaper is outdated or difficult, but here are 4 reasons it’s a good idea in your home.

If the idea of wallpaper makes you think of your grandparent’s home right out of the 1960s you’re not alone. Many people mistakenly think that wallpaper is outdated, but it’s actually a great option for decorating and can be a lot better than paint in some situations. Here are four reasons you should choose wallpaper

Floral Wallpaper: Accessory Styles to Consider

floral wallpaper accessory styles

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the benefits of utilizing floral, or botanical, colors and style formats for your next wallpaper selection. Nature impacts several major areas of our lives, from our well-being to stress levels and more, and infusing it into your wallpaper and interior aesthetic is

Floral Wallpaper: Common Benefits and Features

floral wallpaper benefits features

There are a number of broad style templates out there when it comes to wallpaper, and one of the most popular is the botanical, or floral, template. Generally involving plants, leaves, greenery and other themes that relate to nature, the floral wallpaper template is commonly found in several different room types. At Wallpaper Warehouse, we’re

Living Room Wallpaper: Room Design Themes

living room wallpaper design

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on how to conceptualize and design wallpaper for your living room. As one of the rooms in a given home that’s most likely to contain wallpaper designs, the living room presents several different style options in this realm. At Wallpaper

Living Room Wallpaper: Coordination, Scaling and Tone

living room wallpaper coordination tone

There are certain rooms in a given home that are more likely than others to contain wallpaper, and the living room is near the top of this list in most cases. While not all homeowners will necessarily wallpaper rooms like their kitchen or dining room, the majority of homes that include wallpaper at all will

Wallpaper Upcycling Methods to Utilize

wallpaper upcycling methods utilize

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on how to upcycle wallpaper. Upcycling, which refers to repurposing or otherwise refurbishing old items or materials for further use, is common across many craft or related areas, but tends to fit especially well into the world of wallpaper given

Wallpaper Upcycling Basics and Amenable Types

wallpaper upcycling basics types

As many in the modern world are looking to be more environmentally conscious, recycling has become a bigger and bigger theme in recent years. So, too, has a related theme that’s often prominent within home areas like wallpaper and other craft-related concepts: Upcycling, which refers to repurposing items rather than recycling them. At Wallpaper Warehouse,

Tools and Tips for Your First Wallpaper Installation, Part 2

tools first wallpaper installation

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics for those looking to complete their first wallpaper installation. Wallpaper beginners only need a few basic tools and themes to get them started, plus some basic expertise on common mistakes like failing to double-check batch number and order accuracy. At

Tools and Tips for Your First Wallpaper Installation, Part 1

tools tips first wallpaper installation

Are you a wallpaper beginner looking to complete your first significant wallpaper purchase and installation? Parts of the process may seem complex or detailed to you, but it’s really a pretty straightforward area when you get down to it. At Wallpaper Warehouse, we’re proud to offer not only a wide range of quality designer wallpaper